Function Meets Style

The Genesis Gi exemplifies our focus on quality, design and functionality. Great for training and competition, this gi boasts an extremely durable weave with competition-grade features.

The Genesis comes in two flavors: The Genesis Pro and the lighter-weight Genesis Zero. Here are some of the many features of the Genesis Gi:

  • High Quality Pearl Weave: our densely woven Pearl Weave is extremely durable and rigid without all the weight of thicker weaves, making it great for competition and everyday training.
  • Traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Design: the form fitting and tapered design on the sleeves and jacket skirt of the Genesis Gi gives your opponents less material to grab onto.
  • Unibody Construction with Reinforced Paneling: extra strength where you need it and no extra weight where you don’t.
  • Extra Firm Collar: constructed with an EVA foam filling that adds thickness and durability, this collar will be difficult to grab and is also bacteria resistant and fast drying.
  • High Quality Contrast Stitching: unique color combinations of Gray on White, Yellow on Blue, and Green on Black.
  • Durable Gi Pants: Gi Pants just as tough as the jacket – Canvas on the Genesis Pro and Rip-Stop on the Genesis Zero.

A New Breed of Gi

High Quality Pearl Weave

At the heart of the Genesis Gi is a premium quality Pearl Weave. The weave of a gi determines its lightness, breathability, durability, thickness and feel. While there are many Pearl Weaves out there, no two Pearl Weaves are created equal. In the Genesis Gi, you will find a remarkable weave that exemplifies all the qualities you would expect out of a Pearl Weave: lightness without sacrificing durability, thickness while still being breathable. The result is a perfect balance that gives you the benefits of a light gi while not making it easy for your opponent to maintain grips and control you.

High Quality Pearl Weave

The special Pearl Weave on the Genesis Gi is made from a very tightly woven pre-shrunk cotton material, 550 gsm on the Genesis Pro and 450gsm on the Genesis Zero. This sturdy weave passed many rigorous rip, tear and snag tests that many other weaves failed. Bottom line: the amazing quality of this weave makes the Genesis competition grade and great for everyday training.

Unibody Construction With Reinforced Paneling

Durability goes beyond just the weave of the gi – the cut and construction are equally important.

The jacket of the Genesis Gi is made from a single piece of fabric, meaning no seams on the back that could potentially tear.

Reinforced Gi

The reinforced panels provide extra strength where you need it, and no extra weight where you don’t. The extra layer of material stitched into the shoulders and knees provides extra durability while making the gi more difficult to grab.

Traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Design

The Genesis Gi is designed with one thing in mind: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. There is a reason you don’t want to bring a Judo Gi or Taekwondo Gi onto the mat. For BJJ, you need something durable, and you need something that is cut with grappling in mind.

The Genesis features a traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu cut, with a tapered fit on the sleeves and jacket that gives your opponent less to grab onto. The Genesis is also loose in the areas needed for mobility – your shoulders, torso, and groin.


Extra Firm Lapel

Wrapped in the durable canvas material of the Genesis lapel is a resilient foam rubber substance called EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate). This rubber material gives the Genesis lapel a clear advantage in both thickness and stiffness. The result is a lapel that makes it remarkably harder for your opponent to grab onto, maintain grips, and execute a choke.

In addition, the rubber material is faster drying and more resistant to bacteria build-up, so you can smell good while not being choked.

Durable Canvas Pants

Having a great quality gi should mean more than just the jacket. The Genesis Gi Pants feature a durable 12oz canvas material on the Genesis Pro (shown) and a lighter weight Rip-Stop on the Genesis Zero. The pants are reinforced with triple-stitching along the seams, an extra layer of material stitched into the knees, and an extra layer of canvas taping inside the leg openings.
Gi Pants

The result: an extraordinary amount of durability that can keep up with the rigors of everyday training.

Clean & Modern Design

A departure from the gaudy and over-the-top designs of late, the Genesis is inspired by the clean design of more traditional Jiu-Jitsu Gis. Merged with the traditional is a blend of modern features and styling – the result of which is an attractive, refined and feature-rich gi that will represent your passion for BJJ without making you a walking tattoo or billboard.

The Wave insignia of BJJ Religion is an interpretation of the essence of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: fluid, symmetrical, and the dichotomy of tranquility with fierce and crushing power at the right moment. Imagine water flowing, following the path of least resistance and slowly eroding away any resistance, with the occasional build-up and burst of energy to clear a path. Such is the essence of the Jiu-Jitsu player’s game as he moves patiently toward the ultimate goal of submission.

High Quality Contrast Stitching

Black BJJ Gi

Black & Olive

Contrast stitch has been done before, but not like this. Adhering to the highest quality standards, the Genesis Gi is beautifully adorned with unique color contrast combinations that accentuate the modern design of the gi and the superb quality of the stitching. Behind the beauty of the contrast stitch is the strength of double and triple stitched seams for added durability, as well as same-color, or “invisible” stitching to disguise the clutter of extra stitch-work needed for reinforcement in the armpits, knees and side-slit panels on the jacket and pants.

Blue BJJ Gi

Blue & Yellow

White BJJ Gi

White & Ice Gray

Sizing Guide

The Genesis Gi is made from pre-shrunk cotton, meaning that it will have minimal shrinkage (less than 3%) if washed in cold water and hang dried.

If you are not sure which size you should be according to the sizing chart to the right, remember that height is typically more important than weight. For example, having sleeves that are too short will not be competition legal, and having sleeves that are too long will give your opponent an unfair advantage. If you are still not sure which size to get, please reach out to us at

If you wish to shrink your gi, you may wash it in hot water and dry it as needed. The recommended process is to first wash it in hot water and let it air dry. If it is still too large, wash it again in hot water, then heat-dry it in your dryer in 5 minute intervals. At the end of each 5 minute period, take your gi out and try it on. Once it reaches the perfect size, never dry your gi again (you can still wash it in hot or cold water).