If these words resonate with you, then you share our passion for the martial art and sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. To us, BJJ is a way to be at one with your body and mind, to challenge yourself both mentally and physically, to appreciate and overcome your limits. Our goal at BJJ Religion is to share this passion with the community and provide quality gear that embodies and expresses it.

We started making Gis because we wanted to be in touch with every aspect of the sport. We know how personal a thing the gi can be: it is your armor before battle, your ceremonial robe, an extension of you and a representation of your passion. The importance of the gi has put us on a quest to bring forth the best a that a gi can offer: innovation, functionality, comfort, personality and style. We have seen too little evolution in the traditional gi uniform, and as enthusiastic students of the art, we want the uniform to evolve like the art itself. The innovative and premium BJJ Religion Gi is our very small way of participating in the growth of a truly great sport.

Join us on our Journey. Represent your Passion. Embrace your Religion.